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To book your Photo Rejuvenation please call Corina at 780-217-9188

Visit for more information on this incredible treatment.

About IPL Treatments

Youth Light - How does it work

 Photo  Rejuvenation uses pulses of visible therapeutic light over many  wavelengths that deliver energy to all layers of the skin. Photo  Rejuvenation uses treatments, which last about 30 minutes, on the  principle that light is absorbed by color and that light generates heat.  The vein, or pigmented skin area is damaged by the heat and slowly  disappears leaving a clear patch of skin. This Photo Rejuvenation  stimulation also increases collagen and elastin production. As the cells  are continuously activated, the collagen comes to the surface filling  in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as many other benefits.

Benefits of Photo Rejuvenation:
  • No Downtime
  • You can have a treatment at lunch and go back to work.  
  • No Pain and Prolonged Recovery Time
  • You won’t have to take pain medication or loose weeks of work.     
  • Gradual Natural Improvement
  • Improvements are gradual.     
  • Affordable
  • You won’t need to consult with your banker before treatments.     
  • Convenient
  • You can have your treatments done and then do whatever you want.   

 What results can I expect?   

  • Softening of Lines  
  • Softening of Folds  
  • Softening of Wrinkles  
  • Reduction in Appearance of Age Spots  
  • Reduction in Appearance of Broken Capillaries  
  • Reduction in Pore Size  
  • Increased Collagen Production  
  • Increased Oxygenation  
  • Increased Moisture  
  • Increased Inner Skin Firmness  
  • Superb Skin Radiance  
  • Skin Surfaces More Toned & More Youthful  
  • Accelerated Skin Repair  
  • Healthy Glow to Skin  

After your first treatment, your skin will feel softer and smoother. Improvements are gradual and become more visible after each treatment.  For most people, best results are usually achieved after five or six initial treatments.  Follow-up maintenance treatments are recommended every sixty to ninety days.