Body Renovation Centre
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FAR Infrared Saunas

Take time to relax, detoxify, loose weight and soothe sore muscles in one of our FAR Infrared Saunas.  

Book an appointment today to try it out for only $10.00.  If you like saunas as much as we do, you can choose to buy a package and save on per visit prices.  We'll even discount it by your first $10.00 purchase!

Important points:

  • Wear clean slippers or sandals and a bathing suit (or shorts & t-shirt).
  • Cotton is best if you choose to wear light clothing.
  • We have disposable bathing suits and flip-flops for purchase at Reception.
  • Bring your MP3 player to plug into the sauna to have your own music!
  • We provide towels for in the sauna and to towel off when you are finished.
  • If you have any health concerns our staff can help you decide if it's safe to use the sauna's.
  • Ensure you visit your doctor for approval BEFORE using the saunas if you have any chronic conditions or diseases.  

All sauna safety rules must be followed at all times.  Please see our staff if you have any questions.